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First consultation

This appointment is the longest, it is the moment when I will ask you all the necessary questions to get to know your habits, your preferences, your medical background.

My goal is to learn as much as possible about you in order to be able to better adapt the follow-up. Then, we will establish together your goals and your food plan.

At the end of the consultation, I will give you your complete and 100% personalized file.

Salade de Baguette
Pâques alimentaire

Follow-up consultation

During this meeting, we will analyze together the potential difficulties encountered in recent weeks. We will also see if it is necessary to readjust the food plan initially planned, or not.


At each consultation, we will set new goals and discuss upcoming events.

For a follow-up to be of quality, it is necessary to avoid exceeding 3 weeks to 1 month between appointments. 

Alivio App

Following the first appointment, you can install the Alivio application on your phone. So you will have access to:

- in the notebook:  weekly food diary, symptoms, feeling of hunger/fullness gauge...
- to messaging:we will be able to exchange throughout your follow-up
- to recipes:I regularly add recipes
- to your measurements:as a curve
- to your documents:dietary record, food plan, sheets...

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